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Collanina Cerchini

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Collanina cerchini


Collanina cerchini met passie gemaakt door Francesca Zanuccoli in haar eigen atelier in Florence.

Materiaal: zilver 925 

Francesca: "I look for an expressive language observing emotions, the layers of one’s interior reality and the passing of time all of which inevitably leaves a sign or a trace.

I create wearable forms that are not always easy to recognize as jewelry that have their own truth and communicative abilities. Experimenting with different materials and techniques, I work outside my comfort zone, evolving and changing continuously."


Francesca, is geboren op Sicilie en woont in Florence. Nadat zij haar studie aan de kunst academie in Venetie heeft afgerond is zij zilveren en goldplated sieraden gaan maken in haar eigen atelier in Florence. Passie is kenmerkend voor haar werk.


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